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August 30, 2006

Just Say NO...

Why can't I ever do that? I know I've discussed this before. I thought I was over it. I guess not.

Let me paint a picture for you... It's a school cafeteria, like any other. It's a Tuesday night, the room is filled with sounds of boys laughing and carrying on as boys do.

I sit down and am chatting with one of the other parents who happens to be the Tiger leader. My boy is a Wolf. Our daughters are best friends. She mentions that she's nervous since this is her first year as a helper. She really wishes someone else would be her leader.... I had agreed to be a helper to my sons den. I was filling out the paper work. What's one night a week? Not a big deal. I finish filling in the form, and I give it to the wonder woman I mentioned in that other post... She asks me what position I'm signing up for. I mention that the other leaders had talked about how tight things were going to be this year, since we had so many kids, and needed the extra help. Can you see where this is going? Need some more help?

You are now looking at the newest Assistant Scoutmaster. Yeah. I signed up to be the big Assistant. Hubby said I should look at as getting a promotion. Um... I hadn't even gotten the job yet. They can't promote me already, can they? On the bright side, I get to go to all the field trips with all the scouts. Not just the ones my kid goes on. That could be fun, right?

Anyway... if you need me... I'll be over there, practicing my "No, I'm sorry, I would love to help, but I'm crazy and you don't want me around small children" reply.

One of these days...

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