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September 13, 2006


So the other night, as I moved the rat that we have living in our dining room into the living room so that we could eat dinner, my 16 yo commented that I remind her of Dr. Doolittle. We started out with this rat (it was small/med when we bought it, now it's probably too big for the snake to eat...) as snake food, now it's almost a pet. I talk to it, it takes food from me, I reach in and pet it. I won't hold it though. We have even named it. It's name is Bubonic Plague. Yeah, we have a twisted sense of humor in our house.

As I mentioned, we have the snake, a ball python named Cleopatra. Cleo for short. She's not a big eater... that's why we now have the pet rat. We have discussed getting rid of her, and getting something that does eat. Kyle wants a turtle or a bird. We'll have to see about that.

We have 2 cats. Heidi, named that because when she was a kitten, she would climb up our pant legs like she were scaling a cliff. She's a very fluffy grey domestic long hair. Kashmir, named after some Pink Floyd song... I think. (Correction: It's a Led Zeppelin song... thanks Lara!) I didn't name her, my brother did. We started out cat sitting, but now she's ours. She's a beautiful calico.

We have our dog, Ebony, but we call her Ebbie. She's just a small/medium mixed breed. She's very high strung, and bad. She's very lovable though.

We also have 2 Hermit Crabs. One is named Shorty, and the other is OB... it stands for Old Bay. See... there's that twisted sense of humor again. Kyle wouldn't let us name Shorty. We wanted to name it Imperial... or Drawn Butter.

The latest thing we are admiring, but it's not a pet is this cool looking spider. It's in the evergreen bush in the back yard. I'm really hoping she lays eggs. That would be really cool.

Sometimes I wonder if I should have really seriously pursued that vetrinary degree....

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