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February 20, 2006

The ups and downs of the weekend...

The ups were way up there... and the downs were way down there. What do you want first? The good or the bad? I'll start with the bad... there's more of that.

So, for some unknown reason, dirty dishes have become a point of contention in my house. I am by no means Miss Growing Dangerous Substances in the Sink, but I am also not a neat freak. We had dinner on Friday night, dirty dishes got put in the sink. When they weren't yet washed @ 8:45 (that's still early for washing dishes in my house) Hubby came out of the bedroom and decided that at that very moment, the world was going to end because the dishes were in the sink. He was slamming things around, and stomping and screaming and yelling so much that veins were bulging and spit was flying. (I really needed a video camera for that one!) He yelled at the oldest child and called her "lazy" and yelled at me for allowing them to be that way. What!?! He went on about this for a good 25 mins or so. I got up, went out to wash the dishes and he decides that since he's gotten it all off his chest, sent Kay off crying, and totally ticked me off, that he was done, and all was peachy keen. WRONG! I was furious. He came out to give me a hug, thinking that would make it better. I threatened him with a pot. He tried again, once I was done washing the pot, but I pushed away the hug, and walked out the door. Why do guys think that just because they are over it, everyone else is? I washed the dishes, went up to make sure that Kay was alright, got ready for bed and was in bed by 10pm. It's a good thing that I was asleep by the time he came to bed or I would have gone to sleep in Kyle's bed. The next morning, I was still mad, so I didn't speak to him most of the day. We only spoke about things we had to talk about. I was feeling a little better by Saturday, and had talked with Kay to make sure that she understood that it was not a personal attack at her or me. (She was pretty upset, thought that it was her fault that he was so angry.) I then came up with a plan to get the dishes done and the extra stuff that needs to be done around the house. I laid it all out for him, told him there would be a family discussion to cover the new plan, and that he could attend said meeting only if kept his mouth shut. The first time he spoke down to anyone, or raised his voice, I was going to make him leave. The meeting went smoothly. He didn't say anything at all. I told him if he ever blew up like that again about something as trivial as his thoughts on when dishes should be washed, it wouldn't be an issue cause I would break everyone of them as I threw them at his head. We're better now. Except I'm waiting for him to apologize to Kay for his behavior.

Now the good news...

THE FREELOADER IS MOVING OUT! He hasn't been sleeping there since Thursday night, I have moved the boxspring and mattress that he was using back into storage, and we put the new airhockey table where he was sleeping. He has some stuff to pack up, then a storage space to rent, and I'm getting my key back and I will be done. I have learned my lesson. As much as I want to help family, I'm not gonna do that again!

You know, that up *almost* beats out the down... LOL!

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  • At 3:28 PM, February 20, 2006, Blogger Queen Bee said…

    You're my hero! You turned a really negative thing (temper tantrum!) into a productive family meeting - wtg!!

    So glad you're getting your house back :D


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