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January 30, 2006

where'd the weekend go?!

I thought they were supposed to be relaxing. You know, time off from work, to rest and regroup. It's all a lie. At least in my house it is. It's a relief to come back to work so I don't have to do any running!

Saturdays are always full of being the taxi for a double round of girls to dance classes. Get up earlier than I want to on Saturday, do the round trip to drop Nikki off by 10. Get Kay motivated and then make a wider round trip to pick up Heather and Tori on the way, drop her off by 11:30, Nikki gets in the car, and off we head to home. Then I have to be back to get them by 1:30 reverse the trip and drop everyone off. This Saturday left me even more frazzled, 'cause I remembered I had to sew the patches on Kyle's scout shirt for the Soccer game. Had to get dinner a little early, and drive downtown. Thank heavens Hubby was going. I hate driving in the city. Got to the game, with plenty of time to spare, even if we did miss the meet & greet with the players. Oops. I didn't read that part of the flier.

BTW... never having had boys until this one, when did this Cheerleader obsession start?! He was more interested in watching that, then the soccer game. Oh well, guess he'll get "the talk" a little early. Hope Hubby's up to it, cause you know the X will want no parts of that. Ha! him take an interest in their upbringing? You're kidding, right?!

Yesterday was the trek to VA to visit hubby's family. His one sister turned 50 yesterday! His other just had emergency gall bladder surgery last sunday. It's always nice to see them, but it's a long drive when you've only had about 5 1/2 hours sleep, and have to get up early and head to church. That hour and 20 minutes seems like forever! Especially when you get stuck in traffic.

We are all dragging butt this morning.

Oh, the major highlight of the weekend? Actually had some... um.... "quality time" with Hubby, if you get my drift. *wink-wink*

No to find an empty office to nap in and I'll one happy person!

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