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February 14, 2006

I must be living in a time warp...

I swear it still doesn't seem like February. Christmas was just a couple weeks ago... right? I must be the suckiest wife in history... Today is Valentine's Day... a day for love, and affection and all that mushy stuff... I know that hubby got me something. He told me he did. Even told me how much he spent, so I wouldn't go overboard. I didn't... I got him a card. I had good intentions, really. I knew it was today, but forgot how fast today would get here. I have not put any thought into it and so I told him. I suck. I'm sorry, but I just do. I love him dearly, but I'm lousy about these things... I always thought I was romantic, but I guess not. For our anniversary, he got me this really nice throw that has our names and wedding date engraved on it... I got him the 1st season of the Muppet Show. Hey, it's something I knew he wanted. It just wasn't romantic. I suppose I could pick up some flowers on the way home... maybe. I could get him a giftcard, but how romantic is that?!

I could always stick a red bow on my head, and say I'm his gift... nah... he can have that pretty much anytime...

Man, I suck. Hope he understands that I really do love him...

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