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January 31, 2006

Now I'm the mean sister...

but there are times when you can only take so much...

In July, my older brother came to me and asked if he could stay with us for a while... just til he got on his feet. I talked it over with hubby, and we agreed he could. Well, 7 months later, he still isn't on his feet, and isn't any closer than he was in July. If anything he is even farther behind. He's lost his truck and 4 jobs since then. Stupid me helped him open a bank account since he didn't have a MD license, and now that we have a joint account and no money in it, he's still spending like there's no tomorrow... UGH! How can a 42 year old man be that stupid? If there is no money in your bank account, don't swipe the debit card. My 6 year old knows that! He needs to get his crap together and get out.

He is one of those people that has an addictive personality. I really think that there are people that no matter what it is, they will become addicted to it. He has been thru just about every "Anonymous" there is... AA, NA, GA... the only one that he hasn't gone to is Overeaters Anonymous, because he's addicted to exercise! Of course, he doesn't need help. He is in control, and doesn't have a problem with the fact that he still drinks, still smokes pot (please, at 42?! Grow up.) and still gambles more than he has.

He envisions himself as a pro tennis player. He is in a band, so of course they are going to be the next big thing... and he is single handedly going to take them to Stardom. He also does stand up comedy.... yep. He's the next Host of SNL.... Do you see what I mean? And if something doesn't go right, it's not his fault. It's all a conspiracy. The world is out to get him. He loses jobs because the company is disorganized, and the supervisors don't know what they are doing... he is amazed that they have been in business as long as they have been. He truly believes that he had a terrible childhood, and was neglected and emotionally abused.... Um... we grew up in the same house with the same parents. I don't think so. He can ask me if he wants about abuse. So, because of that, the world owes him. Everything. On a silver platter, right now. Ha! No one owes him anything, and he needs to wake up and see that.

Well, I think the first wake up call will be any time now. I put a freeze on his debit card. The bank let it go until he was almost 400.00 in the hole, and I put a stop to that. My dilema is should I tell him, or let him find out when he goes to use the card... I vote for let him find out on his own. The embarrassment will be good for him. The other wake up will be when the guy he thinks he's going to move in with is telling him tonight that he's not letting him move in, cause his girlfriend and her kids are moving in. I would love to be a fly on the wall when that happens.

Next will be the talk that we have as soon as he finds another job. He's going to have to find somewhere else to live. He doesn't contribute anything to the household, not money, not time, nothing, but expects to be able to be up all night online, and eat what ever he wants, drink my beer and smirnoff's and just be lazy. The only time he pitches in anymore is when we tell him... ugh. He can just take his non-responsibility taking lazy ass somewhere else and do that. I'm done. And at this point, I don't care if get back the 5000.00+ that he owes me for bailing his ass out of jail.

You know, this blog thing is pretty therapeutic... at least that's how I think you spell that.

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