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February 22, 2006

Things that make you wanna just stay in bed...

So, why when it rains do I just want to stay in bed? yeah, I know, weather affects (or should that be effects?) moods thing, but still... So I wake up, late again, and it's barely light out, so I don't think it's as late as it really is... Don't ya hate when that happens? So anyway, I have to jump out of bed... get the girls up, they overslept too, then wake cranky pants Kyle, who is actually in a good mood, and rush out the door in less than 23 mins. We did it, but now I'm really wanting to have stayed in bed.

Half way to work, the rain mixes with snow... thank goodness it isn't cold enough to stick on anything. I really don't like winter. It's cold out... it's dreary... I leave for work in the dark, I leave work to go home in the dark... my bed is warm and cozy, and I hate to even have to leave the covers to get food or go to the bathroom... ugh.

The other thing I hate, and while this has nothing to do with wanting to stay in bed, but I don't wanna be a girl any more. (If you don't wanna read about girly issues, stop here.) My cycle has been all messed up for about a year or so... I went to the Dr, who was a jerk and NEVER called with any test results, so I guess there isn't anything really seriously wrong. I mean if there was she would have called right? yeah, i tried to call her, but they would take messages, but she would never call back. Anyway, So I have now had my period for 8 days! I'm not sure why, and I don't really care, as long as it goes away. I figure, I'm not using that stuff anymore, can we turn it off? I've got 3 kids, don't plan on any more, don't particularly want anymore, and the way I see it, the longer it's working, the higher my risk is of getting one of those baby things...

Ok, so here it is, Wednesday, and according to MSN 67% of people who play hookie from work do so on a Wednesday... I knew I should have stayed in bed today... Sigh...

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  • At 1:43 PM, February 23, 2006, Blogger Queen Bee said…

    I love my bed too. It isn't a great bed, nothing fancy, but I'd stay there all the time if *THEY* would let me.

    About your other post - tell Mr. Sensitive to shove it ;)


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