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March 29, 2008

Quirky quirkiness...

So there are some things that I do a certain way. I don't think of it as a problem. It's not. I'm not OCD... or ADD or ED or anything else that ends in D...

Since teaching myself how to knit, I like knitting. Most things are pretty easy. Up to now, I've gotten really good at dishcloths. I can knit them anywhere... doesn't matter. In the car, in a waiting room, anywhere.

Then there's the scarf... I can only knit this at home... I don't know if it's the back and forth between the steps... I don't know... but I can only do this at home... I can however watch tv, talk to the kids and the Hubby, and all is good...

But the Shawl... I have to be in bed. Sitting on the bed with the highlighters, and the various needed items... pencil, cable needle, legend for the chart and the 1st part of the pattern... on chart.

I have never knit from a chart before this project. When I look at that chart, I get a bit intimidated, but it's the same as any other pattern, right? It's just pictures instead of words. Piece of cake.

Then this happens... Hubby comes in, picks up his book and turns on the tv... I start out just listening to whatever he is watching. Then it's a quick glance. Next thing I know I'm counting stitches to find where I am in the row...

If I have my headset on, it's enough background noise that I can knit with out distraction... I don't really hear the words, but I do know I can sing along (or attempt to sing along) without really even noticing. It blocks just enough stuff out that I'm good to go.

Last night, I was just chugging along, knitting away and all was going fine. Then, the worst thing that could happen did. My MP3 player died. The battery was dead. I sat there with the earbuds in, listening to nothing. Trying to stay focused with out the music. It was tough, but I was managing.

Then along came Hubby. He turned on the TV... Final Destination 2. The best one in the series if you ask me.

Let's just say, now I know why they call them lifelines.

On an unrelated note... Do you think drunk texting is as bad or worse than drunk dialing? hehehe... Thanks for the text guys!

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