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March 06, 2008

Where to Buddy?

Intersection of Detention and Annoyance? Got it!

Let's head down Detention Lane for a moment... and we have to take a little side trip to I'm bursting with pride but still pretty ticked off...

My mom called me at work. School called her. My oldest daughter, the honor roll, never gets in trouble child is in trouble.

The school is doing a production of the musical Beauty and the Beast. They were having final rehearsals yesterday during school. My dear daughter asked her Trig teacher if some of the students could go to see the play. He said no. They went anyway. She claims that he never gave them a definitive answer and they couldn't find him to get one so they went. He said that he told them no.

When called, he gushed about what a good student she was, and how she was never in trouble and how well liked by both staff and students and friendly she was. He felt awful about having to give her detention, but he couldn't single her out and not punish her. He had to be fair.

He just so happened to have had Nikki for Algebra last semester. He told my mom that we should know that we are doing a great job with both of them. They are both great kids and he was very lucky to have had them in his class.

So, while I could kill her, because she seems to be getting a case of "Senioritis", and messing up, it's really nice to hear about how good a kid she is...

Now, we'll take a left on to Annoyance Street.

About that play... Nikki wants to go. Her and her friend want to go. They want to go tonight. So, they have made all the plans. All but one. The friend needs a ride. The friend can't go unless I pick her up. Think it's possible for the friend to live on the way to the school? Nope. Think it's possible for the friend to have someone come to pick her up after the play? Nope.

I agreed to do it. But only this one time. I would not be the taxi cab. Gas is way to expensive to be running around picking up AND dropping off. I would agree to do one way, but that's it from now on.

As punishment to her... Kyle and I are going to the play too. Well at least that's the plan for now. He might change his mind. If he does, I'm not sure I will go.

Oh, and on the boys suck front, they still do. But, thanks to Traci's great idea, they don't seem to suck quite as much. Everything looks a little better after a Peanut Butter cup sundae. (I had a sundae with coffee flavor ice cream with caramel sauce. It was AWESOME!)

And on the knitting front... I think I'm having SWWS.... LOL... I cast on for the 2nd Fetching, but couldn't get the join to be right, so I had to rip it out... 4 TIMES. Finally, this morning while waiting for Kay in the Drs office (physical for track) I got it right, did my 4 rounds and got to the cable part but didn't have my extra needle and I'm too nervous to try it without one so I took my pen apart and used the little ink tube thingy (what is that called anyway?). I should probably practice doing it with out a cable needle since we got our swatch today for the Mystic Light Shawl, and it's a cable and lace pattern.

Oh, and I found a really cool pattern that will only use a little bit of yarn so when I'm done, I know what to do with any extra.

I can't wait to get home and get started... though it will just be the swatch, the pattern doesn't start until the 26th? 28th? the Twenty somethingth.

Ok, now that we've reached our destination, the fare will be your sanity...

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