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March 10, 2008

Like the wind...

Or maybe not so much...

Kay has decided that since they really don't have to "try out" for the track team, she wants to do that. She can run.

So, we scrambled to get her a physical, and she has been going to practices. She had been coming home from practices and wanting to die. She said that she has muscles hurt that she didn't even know she had.

Not to mention that she is NOT a runner... I mean she can run, but I'm not sure she can run to win. She wants to keep at it, and that's fine. I told her that when she starts having meets, I would come to cheer her on.

I have told her she needs to be sure she is eating balanced meals... she won't be able to maintain by living off of easy mac. She will need to eat veggies and proteins... I think that was worse than telling her that there was no Santa. Sheesh.

Anyway... I'll be there supporting her and cheering her on, cause that's what mom's do. I'm just glad I was able to talk her out of lacrosse.

On a knitting note, this past week was a week of firsts. I knit the swatch for the Mystic Light Shawl. We had to use a provisional cast on. She wanted us to use that so that we would be sure to know what we were doing since we'll be using it for the shawl. I guess I did it right, I haven't tried to remove the crochet chain yet. I'm not sure about that whole "grafting" thing... my other first was reading a chart. I was all stressed out, but I did it! I have to tell you though, it sure feels weird reading from right to left. I used a sheet protector and a dry erase marker so that I could mark where I was on the chart so I didn't get lost. I posted the picture on flickr so you can see how I did... I think I did ok... I have to be honest... I was a little worried about the striping, but then I thought about how it's just a small piece with shorter rows (only 17 stitches... ) when it's on a bigger row, I'm sure it will be fine. I'm really loving the yarn, thanks again Michele!

Oh, and on a completely different topic... I belong to this really great online mom's group. We met about 9 years ago... well they all met about 9 years ago, I was late to the party... anyway, we "talk" everyday. These ladies are way more than online friends. I let my oldest spend 2 weeks with Traci as an intern when she wanted to be a journalist. I got married at one of our annual BBQs. My mom couldn't understand the bond we have... she went to my wedding, and she said, "You know, I think I get it now... they are great people." We flew Cherie out for a BBQ at Kim's, and as a group we mourned the loss of Kim. Sharon was gracious enough to open her home for us to attend the funeral. We are that close. I tell these women stuff I don't tell my own mom. I talk to them more than I talk to my own family.

Where am I going with this? We are celebrating as a family! Sharon, the one that let me get married in her front yard has gotten engaged. Tex is a great guy, and he makes her very happy... good thing too, you don't want 20 pissed off mom's after you. ;) If you could, go tell her congrats! Let her know I sent you.

Hope your Monday is the start of great week... Oh, and this whole "Spring forward" thing? sucks. I need a nap.

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