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February 05, 2007


Ok, they are conspiring against me.

The dog thinks that everything in the house is hers, and should be chewed... well, not really everything, but clothing... yeah.

The cat has decided that all plastic must be peed on. Lovely.

The latest to join in the conspiracy fun is the mouse... Yeah, the little white mouse we bought for Cleo... It was living in the corner of the dining room, minding it's own business, just being a mouse. Today? It's a mouse on the loose. The cat decided to somehow knock down the container it was living in, and the lid popped off, and the mouse is gone. I have no idea where it is. I have sat in the dark quietly to try to hear it, but I haven't yet. Hubby thinks that the cat had a snack.

Ugh... At least I know it's a boy so it's not of having millions of babies... I just hope it does send out housewarming invites to all the mice outside...

Kyle's suggestion was to let the snake out. She would find it. I'm not so sure about that since she hasn't shown an interest in it up to this point.


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