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March 08, 2006

Time to empty the ole brain...

So if you want, you can just skip all the random babbling, and hit that "Next Blog" button again. :P
I hate strep throat. 2 kids have it, I've been tested and am waiting for the results. What joy. Nothing like waiting for test results. I wish I had known there would be a test, I would have studied... bah dum-dum. So, while the youngest 2 are on meds, and I have some decongestant that I can't take at night, when I'm stuffiest, mind you, because it whacks me out, I guess the hubby was feeling left out. While I was dragging my sick sorry butt all over the place taking kids here and there, and going to work cause I missed 2.5 days last week with the littlest, he was fine and made half-hearted, "please let her say no" offers to stay home and help. So today, he feels a little stuffy, and his throat is a bit scratchy so he stays home from work and sleeps all day! What a dork. No 2 ways about that one. I let him know, there would be no sympathy from me. Sheesh... what a baby.

I think after 10 years at the same place, maybe I should be moving on. I need to find a job with a different boss, different tasks, different everything. I wish I were younger and had more money.... No, not for those reasons, but so I could go to school. Yeah, I know, you're never too old to learn, but with a mortgage, 2 car payments and more debt than I like, it's not feasible to work less and have to pay for school. And then, I think at 40 it's a little too old to not know what I want to be when I grow up. I mean I know what I wanted to be, and I would still like to try those things, but I think I'm too old to invest 4 years in school, to be a vet, and then be "too old" to get hired anywhere. Would you hire a 44-45 year old inexperienced whatever I was? I wouldn't.

Breast Cancer sucks. Yeah, ok, all cancer sucks. Especially when it touches someone that you love. There aren't enough words to express the anger that I have for this... I'm not even sure that I could begin to explain. Kim is one of the most caring, loving, friendly, outgoing people I know, and it's just not fair. She is amazing, though, ya know? She finds out today, that the nasty chemo meds she took, made her lose her hair, and made her sick, and tired, didn't help at all. Does she wallow in self pity, that she has every right to do? Nope... she's right there posting on the board hugs and encouragement to all of us. Could I be that strong? I don't think so. I mean it's hard to say until you are facing that challenge, but you can bet, there wouldn't be much cheer in my demeanor. She is just truly amazing. (If your reading this, could you just say a quick healing prayer for her?) She is my hero. She is my new inspiration, and my new role model. Stay strong Kim! I love you!

Wanted, rich, elderly man... I'll be your Anna Nicole, if you put my kids thru college. Went to the college fair last night... my kid picks a small school in VT to like the best... only 39k a year... I don't think that includes books... but it does include the Discovery Trek. Oh... and for fun, she could join the "Co-ed Frisbee Club". Right. Her second choice is Penn State. Don't see that one happening either... Sure there aren't any Sugar Daddies out there? Rats. Well, I really shouldn't say that neither of them would happen, I mean Hell could freeze over and her dad (the evil X) could cough up some of the tuition... Oh, wait, this is the same guy that doesn't even offer to give a little extra for school supplies when they want something special. Nope... he sends that check every week, he donated the sperm, what more do I want? I really need to stop being so greedy. Sheesh, what's wrong with me to think that he might want to take more than a every other weekend role in their lives? Oh... wait, that might take away time from the new wifey-poo.

That's a whole other can of worms, and it's open now... Eldest asked if he would be willing to pay for 1/2 of driver's ed... roughly 200.00. He said no, of course. They can't afford anything like that... they just bought their house. From her DAD! I'm sure he didn't sell it to them at market price. Anyway, so he tells her no. Tells middle daughter, he can't pay for 1/2 of her $90 pointe shoes either. Then he turns around and tells them about this wonderful romantic week long trip he's taking with the new wifey-poop. It's so nice to see that he has his priorities straight. He is now missing out on his son's 1st scout blue & gold banquet, where he'll be making his first ranks. He's going to miss middle kid's youth group doing the church service on Sunday. He's such a butt head. I wonder if I know enough about CSI work to bump him off, and not get caught.... Great, now if anything happens to him, they'll see this and I'm a goner... Hey, bunking with a muscular roomie in the state penn just might be worth it.

Last but not least. WHERE IS SPRING?! I'm tired of colds, and cold weather. I want to open the windows, and get the germs out. I want to see flowers. I want to put away my winter coat. I want spring. I want it now. Right NOW.

Ok... if you didn't hit the "next blog" button, you are either, a friend, really bored, or thinking, "Man, I'm glad I'm not that woman. She's insane." :)

2 babbled along:

  • At 9:04 AM, March 09, 2006, Blogger LoisLane said…

    It's #3. ;)
    Just kidding.
    You know I feel your pain on the whole ex thing. I'm still looking for the Isle of Stupid Men so we can dump them there and let them keep each other company.

  • At 3:32 PM, March 09, 2006, Blogger Queen Bee said…

    I'm a friend. So there :P Sorry about the strep monster, and the wimpy dh. I think they have the corner on that, being SO sick that they can't do anything. Blergh. And I am so with you on Kim, she is just so incredible I can't believe it. Love you, Kim!! What can I say about exes? Nothing good ;) Love your name for the "new" wife - wifey-poop *LOL*


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